Gain clarity and insights into your relationship with your partner to develop a more blissful relationship

Couple Channeling

Are you having problems as a couple and hope to work together to resolve it? If so, undergoing a Couple Channeling session
together with your partner will help you to gain more insights into your relationship and work on developing a more blissful relationship.

Who should take up the service?

Are you having problems with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend and want to work together to resolve it?

Do you wish to find out what life lesson(s) you need to learn together as a couple?

Do you wish to find out what challenges or future problems you may face as a couple?

Are you bothered about the karmic link between you and your partner?

Are you facing certain hindrance or recurring issues/problems/patterns with your partner?

Do you wish to improve your relationship as a couple in general?

What can you expect during the session?

You and your partner will attend the session together, and we will channel both you and your partner’s Spirit Guides at the same time to receive messages from them.

The session is interactive and both you and your partner can ask your Spirit Guides any questions in mind. With the guidance from your Guides, you can gain clarity in how to move on with your partner towards a more blissful relationship.

At times, Spirit Guides may also do energy activation or healing for the couple during the session.

Energy exchange: S$240 (1.5hr per couple)

Prefer to have a session without involving your partner?
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We keep all information as strictly private and confidential in accordance to our ethical code of conduct.


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