See your Past Lives through Past Life Regression Therapy to break free from the past and resolve deep-rooted current life issues

Past Life Regression Therapy

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy uses altered states of awareness to enable you to relive and resolve issues from past life / lives that have been unconsciously distorting your mental, emotional and physical well being.

These give you an opportunity to see patterns beyond the confusion and illusions of your current life and to bring this awareness into current life. It works with the somatic, psychological and spiritual residues from our past that are at the root of our present problems. It transforms them in a way that is both safe and structured.  

The therapy is non-religious and people from different religions, backgrounds and races have benefited from the therapy. 

How Can Past Life Regression Therapy Help Me?

Past Life Regression Therapy not only can satisfy your curiosity about your past life, but it helps to unlock the root cause of your current life problems. A trauma or unresolved issue in our past lives will be carried on to the current life and recreated into current life's relationship, health or career problems.

Some of the common current life problems or issues are:
chronic unexplainable physical / health ailment or pain
psychological problem
negative thoughts or behaviour
emotional problem
recurring relationship problem
finding life direction
finding career direction 

The therapy will help you to identify the root cause of your current life problem or issue, and healing will take place to resolve it.

What Can You Expect During The Past Life Regression Therapy Session?

The session is done in a safe and relaxed environment. You will define the objective (current life problem / issue) to work on. The therapist will be a facilitator to regress you back to the past life / lives relating to that cause of current life problem / issue. Throughout the session, you will be the one who experience the past life story. 

As your past life story unveils for you, the therapist will facilitate the healing and help to clear off the negative energies or resolve the past life issue for you during the session. Deep healing will take place during the session. 

Throughout the session, you will still be fully conscious and able to remember what happen after the
entire session.

Energy exchange: $360 (approx. 3hrs)

"Through a Past Life Regression session, Wendy helped me to get rid of a dark entity fragment. Unknown to me, the fragment had stayed and lived through me as a parasite for countless lifetimes. It bred anger and resentment, affecting all my relationships. Immediately after cleansing it away, my heart and body feels ignited with light energy.

My soul feels renewed, like getting cured from a chronic disease.
Suddenly, I feel great joy coming through from deep within.
I believe that it has always been there, but I could never connect to it fully.

The new burst of energy feels amazingly soothing and liberating, making me feel as if
I am getting a second chance at eternity. I feel free, peaceful and happy.

Truly, I am grateful to Wendy and her guides for this great healing."
- N.P. (Past Life Regression Therapy)*


"I used to have bottled-up anger, frustration & negative thoughts with life.
And I approached Wendy for a Past Life Regression Therapy to find the root causes for my emotions. Moreover, I always had this dying quest to know more
about my previous births.

Much to my amuse, my lower back pain was totally resolved during the past life regression therapy session! Thanks to Wendy's amazing skills, I was also open to connect to my spirit guide and received fruitful guidance.
Nevertheless to mention, I had remarkable healing session which I will bring forward with me to view life in a positive and meaningful way.

Kudos to you Wendy, a session with you definitely provided more insight
for my spiritual journey this birth."
- H.N. (Past Life Regression Therapy)*


"After my Past Life Regression therapy session with Wendy, it has definitely helped me open up and have stronger connection with my spirituality and the divine.
The healing that bring forth is so remarkable that It brought me deeper sense of inner peace and self esteem. I am feeling joyful and in better control of my life.
I am very grateful that I have met Wendy and sincerely wish the same for everyone.

Thank you so much Wendy! With gratitude to you for your skill,
professionalism and effectiveness."
- Mel (Past Life Regression Therapy)*


"I just want to let you know that yesterday's session was an eye opening experience for me. For the whole day, I felt more peaceful. Today, I met my friend again and strangely, all throughout, I feel much more calm and at peace. It's not as painful anymore and I am beginning to feel a sense of strength within myself.

And as I begin to appreciate and love myself more, the hurt gets less.
Once again, thank you Wendy."
- C Wee (Past Life Regression Therapy - Relationship Issue)*


"When faced with many challenges one after another, we felt we needed an extra set
of hands to heal our wounds. That someone should be kind, understanding,
attentive and patient enough to hear our story.
We wanted someone to give us a different perspective
and have the gift to rejuvenate our souls.

When we chanced upon Wendy’s website, we felt she will be the right person.
Having met her and undergoing the sessions have healed us from within
and helped us to seek answers.

Wendy is an excellent spiritual healer. She will continue to be a friend of ours
and we thank her for her healing."
- Mr & Mrs V (Channeled Guidance, Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy)*


"I have seen changes after the session. I am feeling calmer and able to listen to
my inner self crystal clear than before.

My phobia for knife is also gone. Thanks for the therapy. Will highly recommend for those who want changes in their lives."

- Joer (Past Life Regression Therapy)


"I always wanted to know what I was like before this birth. My session not only gave me
a chance to look into my past life, it also gave me a chance to identify the others
who followed me through. I thank Origins Arising for helping me through."

- Shalini (Past Life Regression Therapy)*


"My anger issue has been solved now. My relationship with my family members
and boyfriend have been really good too.
Thank you once again for helping me in resolving my issues.

- D.K (Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy)


"I had a wonderful experience, thank you so much! I see a difference now
and I don't feel discomfort when I talk to guys at work anymore."

- C.V. (Past Life Regression Therapy - Uncomfortable with Males)*


"I am no longer scared of making mistakes now. I just do whatever I think is correct.  And I no longer have headache anymore. Thanks a lot for your help!"
- C.Choong (Past Life Regression Therapy)*


"After the regression, my shoulder aches and neck pain was gone totally.
I really don't feel any more strains."
- Cheryl (Past Life Regression Therapy)*


"I suffered from burnout and pessimism after long hours at work. I decided then to take a short break from work. I engaged Origins Arising for Channeled Guidance and
Past Life Regression Therapy to enquire the reasons of my short stay in each job
and where I would be heading for my next career goal in life.

Ms Wendy helped to seek the advice of the Creator who advised that my lessons are related to my past karma and in order for me to stay long in a job, the Creator further advised that I should learn to handle human relationships in all aspects of my life with transparency, love, empathy and forgiveness. Ms Wendy then assisted me to
connect with my spirit guide which advised me the same thing.

After several sessions of Past Life Regression Therapy with Ms Wendy, I realised that
I had slowly found myself to be able to connect with tough people in situations
and win their trust and understanding.
I see my personal life improving with closer ties with my family.

Deep in my heart, I feel very light and joyful.
I am very confident that I would be able to handle any tough situations that come
in the future and reap rewarding experience from there."
- LY Lim. (Channeled Guidance, Past Life Regression Therapy)*

* Individual results may vary.


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