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Channeled Message -

Buddha: Advice for Year 2014, 29 Jan 2014

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided by the Creator/Source/God to channel Buddha to deliver a message for the year 2014.

Buddha speaks:

"2014 is a beginning of love, beautiful love. Feel your own flower blooming inside you.
Whether is a white lotus, a peony or white rose, it is all within you waiting for blossom. You are in charge of this flower, the species of the flower you want to plant and grow. You are in charge of this. All you need is to make room for this flower, prepare for the soil, the nurturing sunlight, the water, and it will grow.
You are in charge.

You do not need to worry if it will grow or blossom ultimately, for all you need is to provide, and the rest will be taken care of by itself and the universe.
Begin the year with a good intent. Set the flower to bloom, and it will.

You need not worry after that. Flow with goal. You are your own creation, and you are a creator. For all you know, no one is in dictation of anything in life. All you need is to ask and you shall be provided. You can create your own reality. The reality is in your own hand. It depends how you mold it.

Set intent for the year, it is your own goal, your own unique goal. It can be something different from others.
It can be of its own uniqueness that is only applicable to you. Do not worry about the goal you set, but find peace with it after you set forth for it. You are your own source of creation. You are the unique self for this goal. No one will understand but you. No one needs to understand but you.
Let the flower inside you blossom for now.

Set the goal, and you will achieve it.

The rest is up to you to rewrite the future in your own book, your own record. It is a book of your future, you are the master of your own, your own future. It can be written in a golden pen, an ink pen or a dull looking pen.
It is your choice and you are the creator of it. So, open the book and start writing now.
Make it a meaningful year ahead for you!”

End of channeled message


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