SERVICES: Psychic Readings, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, DNA Activation and more

Feeling lost and unclear?
Looking for answers?
Seek Divine Guidance for Love, Career, Health & Life Issues.

Channeled Guidance
(Soul Reading / Akashic Records Reading)

We will channel your Spirit Guide or access your Akashic Records to provide you with spiritual guidance about your questions on your life issues.
Energy exchange: S$188 (1hr)
Past Life Reading

We will channel your Spirit Guide or open your Akashic Records to access your past lives and provide you with spiritual guidance about how your past lives issues are affecting your current life.

Energy exchange: S$240 (1.5hrs)
Finding Your Soulmate

Receive Channeled Guidance from God of Marriage, Yue Lao, as well as our Guidance on healing yourself to enable you to lead a happier life with more fulfilling relationships.

Energy exchange: S$188 (1hr)
Life Purpose / Lessons Guidance

We will channel your Spirit Guide and/or access your Akashic Records to help you understand and integrate your life purpose and life lessons to
your daily life.This will allow you lead your life with far more meaning, purpose and optimism.

A Soul Symbol (your personalised self healing tool) will also be given during the session to clear any blockages that you may have.
Energy exchange: S$360 (2hrs)

Having an unresolved problem?
Uncover the root cause and
Seek Divine Healing
from deep within.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy uses altered states of awareness to enable you to relive and resolve issues from past life / lives that have been unconsciously distorting your mental, emotional and physical well being.

Energy exchange: S$360 (approx. 3hrs)
Soul Symbols Healing _

Soul Symbols are personalised self healing tools to remove blockages, recharge energies and heal you.
They are channeled geometric forms from your Spirit Guides and Akashic Records, individually designed for a specific soul. Each symbol works directly with the energy system in your body, helping to balance your chakras and healing you.
Energy exchange: S$240 (per hour)

We can help you overcome various challenges in your life, remove your fears and phobias and feel more positive about yourself using industry recognised hypnotherapy techniques.

Energy exchange: S$200 (per session)
DNA Activation

We can help you to recover your full spiritual potential and inner strength to improve your life journey now, and prepare for the future.
We can also help to activate all your dormant DNA strands, remove all Psychic Hooks attached to you, recover all your Soul Fragments, re-balance your Energy, and receive Spiritual Guidance.
Energy exchange: S$360 (approx. 1.5hrs)

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