Channel a Personalised Soul Symbol to Heal & Balance Your Chakras

Chakra Healing

with Akashic Record

Are you feeling blockages in life and yet no energy to break through?

Are you feeling that your mind, body and soul are not
in line?

Do you know that chakras can affect your overall
well- being in life?

Do you know that when your chakras are out of balance, you will also feel out of balance in life?

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points in our bodies. The 7 basic chakras in the body are distinct energy centres that start at the crown of your head (crown chakra) and end at the bottom of your spine (root chakra). They regulate all parts of your bodily system, influencing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well beings.

Each chakra represents different aspects in us. Please refer to the diagram below for an overview. If any chakra becomes blocked or out of sync, this can negatively impact your physical and psychological health.

How Can Chakra Healing Help Me?

Chakra Healing is an excellent way to heal and balance your chakras and to find balance within your mind, body and spirit. It helps to raise your energy vibration and attract positive energies in life.

Chakra Healing can help:

1) Improves and heals mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being

2) Increases openness, awareness, wisdom and intuition

3) Connects to the higher wisdom within you, to have
a better understanding and perception of behaviours in life

4) Have better expression and communication

5) Have more love and compassion with yourself and others

6) Heightened creativity and better resourcefulness because of better perception

7) Sense of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and empowerment in life

8) Have more energy, vitality, passion and drive in life

9) Feels safety, security and balance in life

10) Attracts more abundance, love, peace, joy and positive energies in life

What can you expect during the Chakra Healing session?

Chakra Healing is a deep healing session. We will begin the session by understanding from you the issues and problems that you are currently facing. Following that, your Akashic Record will be opened to retrieve your soul information.

An energy scan will be ran on your body to check for energy blockages or out-of-balanced chakras. Channeled messages will be given for you to understand the root cause of the energy blockages.

Some examples of common blockages are suppressed emotions, negative energies, old limiting beliefs, past life karma, and inner child issues. Once the blockages are uncovered, you will be guided to release them from the respective blocked/out-of-balanced chakras. Positive energies will then be infused back to your chakras, so that all your chakras will be balanced again.

Your energy vibration and consciousness will be increased AFTER the session. You will feel lighter, more positive, attract good energies and abundance, and an overall improvement in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Energy exchange: $260 (1.5hr)

”Hi Wendy, just wanted to drop a note to express my thanks for the
Chakra Healing yesterday. I felt very much relieved on my chest area as it was
previously so tight that I could hardly breathe.

I started using the symbol this morning and the energy flow is amazing.
I'm indeed getting better already. Thank you so much”

- J.C. (Chakra Healing)*


"I was experiencing little to no business for close to two months and losing contracts
even from close clients until I saw Wendy for a session to find out the cause.
She detected the presence of an "Evil Eye" sprouted by jealousy from an ex-staff
and guided me to cut cords with the source of negativity.

Miraculously, new business came in almost immediately the next day,
right after we did the clearing session!"

- J. (Channeled Guidance, Chakra Healing)*


“After doing chakra balancing with you, I saw some changes in me and I felt different from how I used to be. I started to be more patient and most importantly, forgiving.

I let go of many things that has been disturbing my emotions and I have been more positive. I have also felt this desire to connect with the universe and myself.

Recently I have been very interested with many spiritual topics. I even quit smoking without even planning for it because I was filled with so much positive feelings in me."

- N.J. (Chakra Healing)*


“Really appreciate the healing you have done for me yesterday. Yesterday's session was immense cleansing to purge most of my past lives karma.

I couldn’t describe how I had a tight heart feeling last time.
I even thought I have heart problem when it's negative entity controlling me.
I was shocked to learn that you can see even my heart.

You truly possess gifts to save lives!
You incorporate all the different healing modalities in one session.

It is my good fortune to meet you. I'm well blessed to be healed by you!!!!
You are truly a gem and save my emotional woes.
Could not have thank you more!

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please continue the good work you have done to save hearts!"

- G.T. (Chakra Healing)*


“Hello Wendy, I just like to say a big thank you.
After my session yesterday with you, I feel myself feeling a lot less frustrated.
Speaking to my Daughter also a lot more calm. Thank you so so much.
There is always so much more positive energy after a session with you.
I thank God that I got to know you."

- Rachel (Chakra Healing)*


""Hi Wendy, my filming in Europe went really great.
I think the symbol you gave me is working wonders for me.
Just dropping you this message to thank you for giving me such great guidance. :) "

- E.L. (Channeled Guidance, Chakra Healing)*


"I was 'guided' to Wendy by pure chance (as if I was directed) - I had an issue
(tightness in the chest/stomach area but it is not a medical issue!)
and I was looking for answers. When I first contacted her for an appointment for
energy healing on 29 May through e mail, she was very prompt to reply.

I finally met her on 6 June and I must say I am very impressed with the therapy centre, very conducive, very bright and airy, very peaceful and very clean.

As for Wendy, I will say she is very kind and very sincere to want to help me.
More importantly, Wendy does not indicate that I have to return for a follow up session,
she let me decide if I should. And she also follows up with me on the progress.

I recommend to anyone reading my testimonial to give Wendy a try.
Go with an open mind and see wonders for yourself.

By the way, for those interested in the Soul Symbol Healing,
I also recommend that you go for it. Since getting my own personalized Symbol,
I have printed it on T-shirts and have worn them for my exercises and meditation.
Since then, the area (lower chest and upper stomach) covered by my Symbol has been very comfortable and I now have very deep and full breath
(I used to have bloated tummy which pushes up to my chest area
which causes my chest to be tight).

Thank you."

- Tai Lim (Chakra Healing)*


" Hi Wendy, just want to let you know I am feeling much better today.
Last few days was tough... Still a lot of residual emotions I think.
But since I started connecting with the spirit guides and using the symbol,
I feel so much relief and the emotional pain is gone. Thank you."

- E.C. (Chakra Healing)

* Individual results may vary.


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