Access your Akashic Records for spiritual guidance on your life issues.

Channeled Guidance
* Online Session also available
( Soul Reading / Akashic Records Reading )

Are you stuck with daily life issues such as love, career, health, finances, relationship, life direction etc?
We will provide you with spiritual guidance and advices either through channeling your Spirit Guide or accessing your Akashic Records.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of inter-dimensional communication with beings from other dimensions or the Spiritual Realm, during a (semi)-trance state of consciousness. Our normal daily waking state of consciousness does not allow a person to communicate with Spiritual Beings clearly, so we need to do it in a (semi)-trance state. In our channeling session, the channeler will still be fully conscious.

What is Spirit Guide?

Everyone has a team of Spirit Guides in the Higher spiritual realms / dimensions who are watching over our lives, to guide us through our lifetime, and help all of us fulfill our lifeplan. They are the ones who know and understand us the best. Your Spirit Guides are always trying to reach you and communicate with you to to guide you. Although everyone can have the ability to communicate with their Spirit Guides, few people in the world now are able to do so successfully and effectively.

The most common reason that you may not able to receive your Spirit Guides’ messages is that you may have energetic blockages / issues that are preventing you from obtaining your full spiritual potential and abilities.

Other reasons could be that your mind is too preoccupied with your other daily life stresses and problems that are preventing you from clearing your mind enough to be open to your Spirit Guides’ guidance messages.

What is Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is your life / soul record. It records every thought, word, emotion and action generated by the independent soul. The process of opening up your Akashic Records brings you into focus with your past and present knowledge, experiences and expressions of your Soul’s journey from inception to the present moment.

The knowledge that it brings help you to move through the illusions of your day- to- day life and return your own personal truth with clarity. We can release or nurture all we have created. The loving energy of the Akashic Records allow us the freedom to choose Grace in all things.

What can you expect during the session?

It is an interactive session, and clients can ask questions in their areas of concerns to seek clarity and guidance on their life issues. We will provide the answers and guidance through channeling our clients’ Spirit Guides, or Akashic Records, depending on the type of guidance needed.

For this service, we do not channel ghosts / spirits of deceased relatives / friends as well as entities / beings from lower dimensions or who are not of the Light. The reason is that our objective of this service is to provide our clients with highly valuable and positive guidance from Higher Beings who have much Higher Wisdom and knowledge that can help improve the lives of our clients in the most positive way.

If you feel that you need to get guidance or seek clarity about your current life issues, contact us today to find out more. Alternatively, if you wish to achieve an even more complete fulfilment of your life,
click here to find out more about our Life Purpose Guidance service.

Energy exchange: S$188 (1hr)


I was experiencing little to no business for close to two months and losing contracts
even from close clients until I saw Wendy for a session to find out the cause.
She detected the presence of an "Evil Eye" sprouted by jealousy from an ex-staff
and guided me to cut cords with the source of negativity.

Miraculously, new business came in almost immediately the next day,
right after we did the clearing session!"

-J. (Channeled Guidance, Chakra Healing)*


"Finally my conscious awareness aligning with my divine nature…
shatters into breakthrough and the old patterns is released.

I am guided so quickly and so fast during the session that I don’t really realised
that I have just been guided.

There is a clarity when you brought me to the root cause and all of a sudden
I was at the right place and right time, right conversation.
I pay close attention to this connect, reaching to my highest self."

-A.L. (Channeled Guidance)*


"I would like to thank you for the advices given to me during the channeling of my Akashic Records session last Wednesday.

I felt much better after being able to express my feelings out, as though I am finally free from what I have been holding on for so long. It was through that session that I was able to find comfort and assurance that I should express it out regardless of the outcome.

Though the outcome may not be what I hoped for, but it beats not having an answer
and not expressing my feelings out.

Once again, thank you for your guidance and help."

-J.P. (Channeled Guidance)*


"Thank you so much for helping me in finding the answers to my questions
I have been searching for.
It's really a great relief and the burden in me is finally offload.
Really appreciate your help in unlocking the answers in me
and helping me find the true me."

- Y.H. (Channeled Guidance)*


"Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for the valuable session just now.
Thank you for your time and precious insight! I don't feel so bothered now.
And this means alot to me.

- E. (Channeled Guidance)*


"Thank you so much Wendy! That is really a good experience to be able to communicate with my angel and all the guidance that are given.

I feel very much relieved in my heart. God bless you.

- C.N. (Channeled Guidance)*


"I really appreciate your help. It had helped me gain insight into my relationship
and my purpose in life. Now my mind is clear on the path I need to take.

Thank you very much. I am so much more light-hearted now. You really is God sent."

- Ms Troubled (Channeled Guidance)*


"Thank you so much for the channeled guidance. It's meant a lot for me.

I was really puzzled by the special feeling I had for my boss. Now I know why.
We both had an attachment to each other and had a love for each other, we know it subconsciously. She/He had been guiding me and helping all along in previous life and even in current life. Thank goodness that I have found you for your help.
You have helped me to see things in different perspective.

Once again, Wendy, I appreciate your help very much. It help me a lot and
change my perspective. A big thank you!

- L.H. (Channeled Guidance)*


"When faced with many challenges one after another, we felt we needed an extra set
of hands to heal our wounds. That someone should be kind, understanding,
attentive and patient enough to hear our story.
We wanted someone to give us a different perspective
and have the gift to rejuvenate our souls.

When we chanced upon Wendy’s website, we felt she will be the right person.
Having met her and undergoing the sessions have healed us from within
and helped us to seek answers.

Wendy is an excellent spiritual healer. She will continue to be a friend of ours
and we thank her for her healing."

- Mr & Mrs V (Channeled Guidance, Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy)*


"Thank you so much Wendy, you really helped me alot. I went home yesterday and I was not just more relieved and free of burden but i could feel love vibrating from everyone. It suddenly seem that everything else didn't matter, especially with my husband. I really dont know how to thank you enough because
it was the first time in a long time i feel so much more alive.

You are a blessing from god and I hope you continue to do what you do
because you are an angel. Thank you again!

- S.W. (Channeled Guidance & Healing)*


"Hi Wendy, I just want to say a big huge THANK YOU to you for all your help & guidance. It meant a lot to me and will no doubt make a significant difference to my life. Bless you."
- PJay (Channeled Guidance)*


"I suffered from burnout and pessimism after long hours at work. I decided then to take a short break from work. I engaged Origins Arising for Channeled Guidance to enquire the reasons of my short stay in each job and where I would be heading
for my next career goal in life.

Ms Wendy helped to seek the advice of the Creator who advised that my lessons are related to my past karma and in order for me to stay long in a job, the Creator further advised that I should learn to handle human relationships in all aspects of my life with transparency, love, empathy and forgiveness. Ms Wendy then assisted me to connect with my spirit guide which advised me the same thing.

After several sessions with Ms Wendy, I realised that I had slowly found myself to be able to connect with tough people in situations and win their trust and understanding. I see my personal life improving with closer ties with my family.

Deep in my heart, I feel very light and joyful. I am very confident that I would be able to handle any tough situations that come in the future and
reap rewarding experience from there."

- LY Lim. (Channeled Guidance)*


It was a very touching moment to know that I have a guide Filies who has been looking after me so well. Hearing from him for first time was such an amazing experience
which has left me astonished till now.

Up to this point in my life before I received my guidance from him through Wendy,
I knew in my subconscious how I was feeling and what I was seeking. However, it was always unclear and “lost” to me. I was not confident of my own's subconscious feelings about myself at all. Due to my hesitations, my true sense of directions became lost over time and I became less and less conscious of my mission in life as I fall into
hectic daily routines and into emptiness.

I notice an incredible shift of consciousness about myself after receiving Filies through Wendy. I had to rush to be alone to reflect immediately upon the channeled message after receiving because I know that it's life changing! I felt that my direction has never been so clear in my life and I am so aware of what I have to do from now on to find bliss. The energy to reflect was just so strong.

If I have to use two words to describe my feelings then it would have to be surprise yet familiar. Surprise because Filies is able to speak so freely about my soul completely and familiar because his words are indeed a mirror of my very soul and my deeply innate feelings! No one could have described my buried soul so accurately,
not even myself. My channeled experience with Filies has deeply stirred my soul and reintroduced me to myself all over again.
It is a second rebirth for me and I am sure I will be finding my way to bliss very soon…
because I am confident of being guided towards the love for humanity."

- Dean Y. (Channeled Guidance)*


"I had my first session with Wendy for "Removal of Past Life Vows". I feel what Wendy had channeled somehow does explain my then 'predicament',
and I asked to had my past live vows removed.

Shortly after, I engaged Origin Arising’s services again and Wendy had my chakra reactivated and taught me how to connect to my own spiritual guide myself.

In the aftermath of all, I felt revitalized as a whole and will not hestitate to speak up when it's needed and I feel more outright in doing this; not being indecisive. Most importantly,
I feel that I became sharper in mind and feel more confident of myself."

- Alec (Removal of Past Life Vows, Channeled Guidance)*


"My business improved tremendously after I engaged Origins Arising for its
Space Clearing Services. The businesses that I got within 2 months was more than what I had for the previous 6 months prior to the space clearing!

My business has always been good but late last year, things changed all of a sudden. Business dropped and staff became unhappy and left one after another. It was few months later that I remembered that we had left a bag of hell-notes in the office after the hungry ghost festival, and business seemed to dip from then onwards.

I first approached Origins Arising for Channeling and after the session,
Ms Wendy confirmed that the negative energies brought about by the hell-notes
was affecting my business and my staff.

With channeled guidance from the Creator, we got rid of the negative source,
then cleared the office of negative energies and my business is now doing
even better than before!"

- M.L. (Space Clearing, Channeled Guidance)*


"I was suffering from very bad dizzy spells due to viral infections (as diagnosed by a clinical doctor). Even after a week of rest and medication, the motion sickness-like symptoms continued.

Worried about why I was not able to recover, I approached Ms Wendy for energy healing and channeling, to find out the root cause. During the session, Wendy channeled Creator and received instructions to guide me on how to use the energy from my own thoughts to rebalance the giddiness in my head.

Miraculously, after the 1 hour session ended, the feeling of giddiness left immediately and I have since recovered fully."

- Lee (Energy Healing, Channeled Guidance)*


"Wendy gave me one of my most wonderful experience in my life. Which is a never before, first time conversation with my beloved spirit guide by channeling.

Even though it was my first time observing a live channeling, I can tell that Wendy is very skilled in this expertise as she can channel as well as come back as herself alternating between entity with ease as she restate and to confirm what my guide has said.  

During the channeling, I can't help but sense her passion and dedication to what she does. Even though after the session had ended, thoughts came to me that perhaps she truly is an Angel in human form. I am very grateful to your channeling Wendy.
Thank you!"

- Wai Keat (Channeled Guidance)

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