Activate ALL your dormant DNA strands to Realise your Full Potential in Life

DNA Activation

The DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) can be perceived as the library containing all the genetic information that a cell needs to sustain and reproduce itself. It is, in effect, the blueprint for the functions of the cell. DNA contains the detailed blueprints needed to synthesize the enzymes required to perform every activity of the cell. If any part of this blueprint is missing or inaccurate, the cell will not function properly and could even die. Hence, the DNA may be thought of as the blueprint for life.

In the modern field of Science, the 2-strand double helix of DNA is how DNA has been known, and a large part of the DNA is termed as “Junk DNA” as scientists are unable to find any functions for them. The “Junk DNA” is actually the key to humans’ forgotten origins, when human life first started on Earth.

DNA actually consists of the 2 commonly known strands, as well as 10 other “Shadow Strands”, forming the 12-strand perfect human blueprint. The 12 strands contain a human’s full spiritual potential, such as his multi-dimensional skills and abilities, psychic gifts and abilities, connection to Higher spiritual realms, greater healing abilities of the physical body, etc.

Due to events in ancient history, humans’ DNA were modified to deactivate the 10 “Shadow Strands” to take away their spiritual abilities, and allow them only enough abilities for mainly physical mind/body functions.

This is where Origins Arising is able to help everyone recover your full spiritual potential and multidimensional abilities and gifts. Recovering one’s full potential will help to increase your mental and inner inner strength, to improve yourself and your life journey tremendously. Having your full potential now will help you prepare yourself for the future ahead, as you develop yourself to your fullest.

We will help to activate all your DNA strands, remove all Psychic Hooks attached to you, recover all your Soul Fragments, re-balance your Energy, as well as provide you important Spiritual Guidance that you will need to optimise your full DNA potential, after your activation.

Click here to read Lord Maitreya’s channeled message on the importance of DNA Activation.

Energy exchange: S$360 (approx. 1.5hrs)

"Thank you so much for the DNA activation session we had.
I am grateful for it because I have become more intense in my spiritual connection with spirit guides. Even in meditations I have started feeling the vibrations and visions in my head has become stronger. I also sense more in my body like currents running through me regularly. My senses are more heightened.
I have done what you told me to say my desire to relearn my gifts of energy shifting
from Metatron. I have received some confirmations through additional visions."

- Darvy C. (DNA Activation)


"Dear Wendy,
I came to you for DNA Activation about a year ago,
as part of my personal development journey, but mostly out of curiosity.
I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you,
and also to share with you my current state of being.

The effects of the DNA Activation was not immediate to me,
although I did felt lighter and more at peace after the session.
The channeled advices that I received from my guides
was very helpful though, and I pondered over many of the messages
for a long period of time, to better understand myself.
It was only when I looked back over the past year that I realised that I had been experiencing a gradual shift at all levels - physical, mental and emotional.

I have since learnt reiki for self healing.
I have developed an interest in meditation and trying to
make it a daily habit in helping to reduce stress.
I have became more intuitive and learnt to listen more to my heart
than my mind. And that has led me to find more fulfilment and joy in
doing the things I love, rather than pursuing the endless material wants.

Wendy, thank you again for the wonderful session that has set me
on the right path of self realisation.

- Mr. J (DNA Activation)*

* Individual results may vary.

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