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Channeled Message -

Lord Maitreya: Importance of DNA Activation, 20 Mar 2010

Lord Maitreya speaks:

"I see that DNA is the hassle of life being. It is a kernel form. It is a form that is with you lifelong. I see that after life, it is a kernel form. I see that DNA has been deactivated. It has been deactivated because of delusion. I see that it is now that can be activated again. I see that it is helpful aspect to be activated again. I can’t say that it can be activated at this time, at this place, in this world currently. But it can be an easy thing for you to be done.

I see that you have been in this lifetime to see answer to the Earth. I don’t see that Ascension in this life is hard to be seen. You have to have ability to see this life and would then be able to ascend. I see that every human being has the ability to do it. And this has to do with DNA Activation. And when DNA is activated, you will feel answer to the world.

DNA has the answer and since answer is disillusion, I see that Life has come to duality. It is this activation that allows people to recall essence of Truth in Life. I see that people are less spiritually inclined these days because of uncertainty using their own ability. It is this DNA that has stored the ability, and that this ability is missing in a person. I see that these people have illusion because of uncertainty to the beings.

I have to say this time in Life has come to the end of illusion. It is answer to the world of illusion. I see that in this life, you can have back your ability so that you can have answers to you."

End of channeled message

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