Hypnotherapy can help remove your fears and phobias and feel positive in Life


What Is Hypnotherapy?
Have you ever been so engrossed in reading an interesting book or watching a television program that you are oblivious of what is happening around you? If so, you have been hypnotised before! Whether you notice or not, in some points in life, all of us have experienced hypnosis before.

Hypnotherapy is a process that is used to access the subconscious mind with the aim to reprogram patterns of behaviour, long term negative emotions and limiting beliefs, that results in positive changes for clients to live optimally.

Q: How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?
Hypnotherapy can help you overcome problems regarding the mind, emotions or bad habits. Below are some of the issues hypnotherapy can help with:

Mind and Emotional Issues -
• Fears / Phobias
• Anger
• Self Confidence
• Stage Fright / Public Speaking
• Stress Management
• Depression
• Motivation
• Concentration
• Anxiety
• Shyness
• Insomnia / Sleep Issues
• Panic Attack
• Procrastination
• Traumatic Event, eg. Loss of loved ones
• Improve Relationships
And many more...

Habits -

• Addiction - Smoking
• Addiction - Gambling
• Addiction - Drinking
• Addiction - Computer/Video Games
• Addiction - Shopping
• Nail Biting
• Over Eating / Weight Management
And many more...

Q: Why Should You Choose Hypnotherapy?
Have you tried other therapy methods but have not experienced much or any improvement? As Hypnotherapy accesses your subconscious mind, it addresses the root of your problem, enabling a permanent effect. It is one of the most effective methods for transformation in people that is available today. On average, people need only 4-6 sessions to recover from their problems.

According to a survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios (Source: American Health Magazine), the following recovery rates were revealed:

Hypnotherapy - 93% recovery after 6 sessions
Psychoanalysis - 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavioural Therapy - 72% recovery after 22 sessions

Q: Who Can Be Hypnotised?
Anyone with an open mind, normal intelligence, the ability to concentrate, and the willingness to go into hypnosis.

Q: How Is Hypnotherapy Being Carried Out?
Hypnotherapy is carried out in a safe clinical setting. The hypnotherapist will first induce you to a very relaxed state of mind, in which you are most receptive to suggestions. The hypnotherapist will then use the appropriate strategies to assist you to resolve your issues. Hypnosis is a consensual state, meaning both your permission and cooperation are needed for it to work.

Q: Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy 1 -
Is Hypnotherapy Mind Control?

No one can be hypnotised against his/her will. The hypnotherapist cannot ask you to bark like a dog, reveal your bank account number or reveal your deepest secrets without your permission. You can still lie to your hypnotherapist in hypnosis, if you wish to.

Q: Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy 2 -
Will I Become Unconscious during a hypnotherapy session?
You never lose your full sense of awareness or fall asleep in hypnosis. In fact, at any point in time, you can even open your eyes and walk away.

During hypnosis, your brain waves slow down to theta state. In this state, you have heightened concentration that increases your receptivity to suggestion.

You will be aware of everything while in hypnosis and afterward, unless specific amnesia is suggested for a therapeutic purpose.

Q: Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy 3 -
Does a Hypnotherapist has Special Powers to Hypnotise?
The hypnotherapist does not have any special powers, nor does he/she have any special vibrations to hypnotize you. Your hypnotherapist only serves as a facilitator who leads the client into a state of hypnosis.

Q: Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy 4 -
Is Hypnotherapy dangerous? Will I get stuck in it?

Some people are afraid that once hypnotised, they will never come out of it. Hypnotic state is no different than focused concentration. It is an easy and natural state for us to drift back out from it. Our focus can move easily to and from anything that seems important. There has never been a documented case of harm or problem getting out of hypnosis, as a result of therapeutic use of hypnotism.

Energy exchange: S$200 (per session)


"Hi Wendy, just want to say that your smoking cessation was absolutely fantastic.
I had not smoked since I have last met you."

- R.C. (Hypnotherapy - Smoking Cessation)*


"Thank you Wendy for your help all this while. You've helped me a lot and I appreciate it a lot. I have seen the psychiatrist for 5 yrs and had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I used to feel sad and lonely very often.
I have been on sleeping pills for about 1 year.

But now I am able to sleep very well without the pills. I don't feel sad as before anymore. And I RARELY feel lonely but I am still able to cope.

- R.C. (Hypnotherapy - Borderline Personality Disorder)*


"My experience with hypnotherapy and Origins Arising has been very pleasant and to be perfectly honest, life changing. Let me explain - prior to attending only two sessions at Origins Arising, I had been affected by strong anxiety attacks and also sleep deprivation due to fear of my heart stopping whilst in bed at night.

I went to Origins Arising with an open mind, which is a must - the first step to healing is accepting you have a problem and be willing to let people help!My first session was so relaxing I did not want to leave. I felt in control but willing to let this perfect stranger know all my inner thoughts and ask questions that would reveal elements of my past that needed to be linked or severed. The second session was more in depth, to establish why I was so worried about my heart stopping at night. At the end of this session, I left the pleasant session and felt like I was walking on water, so happy and cheerful.

As previously stated, you have to admit the need for help. Origins Arising also provided me with exercises for breathing and a kind of aid to empty my mind. These techniques also helped me with my training for marathons etc and I found immediate positive effects.There is nothing else I can say apart that it was painless and it worked for me! Thank you Ms Wendy."

- William (Hypnotherapy - Panic Attack)*


"For over 20 years, turning nauseous prior to any important events has became 'normal' to me. Be it prior to a presentation, undergoing a job interview, meeting someone for the first time, or facing important tests and exams. Sometimes, I got too nauseous that I really vomitted. And it was then that I discovered that vomitting helped me to 'curb' my nervousness. From then onwards, I will make sure I vomit before any major presentation, so as to help get the nervousness out of my system.

I am holding a senior management position and is required to do presentations and attend important meetings all the time. The vomitting soon became a habitual practice. It was only after meeting Wendy from Origins Arising and understanding how hypnotherapy can aid one in successfully overcoming phobias, that I finally realised that what I have is a psychological problem that can be overcome.
When Wendy checked back with me weeks after my first session with her, I realised that I had not felt nauseous ever since then!

I am now fully convinced of how hypnotherapy can help to overcome deep rooted problems, and I am currently seeking help from Origins Arising to help overcome
my other phobias and bad habits."

- J (Hypnotherapy - Self Confidence, Stage Fright)*

* Individual results may vary.


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