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Channeled Message -

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin: Karma, 13 Nov 2013

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided by the Creator/Source/God to channel the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin to deliver a message on karma.

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin speaks:

”Don’t be scared of karma. It is not a punishment for you.

You may have no recollection of what you have done or who you were in your past incarnation. You may think people are cruel to you now, or nobody likes you. But it is your course of action that brought you to this situation.

You need to be mindful of who you are with, what you speak and the way you speak and the way you act. All these add up into a sum that equates to an outcome in the future. “Mindfulness” is the word.

Be aware of what you are doing NOW. And so the rest will be taken care of in the future.
Be at peace with yourself NOW and you will have the inner knowing of what is best for you in your soul incarnation.

The most suitable solution for you may not be the easiest way for you in this incarnation. But your soul knows it is the best for you to experience and explore which is of the highest good for you. Need no fear to make “wrong” or difficult decisions. As these decisions or choices you made has a higher purpose. That is for soul growth. Souls need to experience set backs or hardship to learn at times. These are the times where people term them as karma. Whenever you face difficulties in life, people will term it as karma. But in reality, it is a learning experience for you.

Piling with compassion instead of hatred. Let go of the past and move on.
This is the most important part of healing with karmic debts.

By letting go, you are letting go of the karma. Letting go requires courage and kindness. It is the true forgiveness that takes place where it comes to a closure. Firing at someone, noticing a person’s flaw and keep harbouring on it will only strengthen the karma you have, but not resolving it. By knowing the true soul essence of yourself, you realise that it is love that permeates within you. No other lower frequency would you like to let them stay. By controlling your karmic cycle, you will not repeat the same life lesson over and over again. And you will not face the same old life challenge again.

A flowing river will have nowhere to stop if people do not build a water dam or destroy it. Life has to move on like a river. Obstacles are road blocks that prevent water from flowing. But in reality, there isn’t a roadblock. It is just an awareness coming to your mind that triggers it. The water dam is your trigger. It’s your choice to build the water dam or not. The decision lies in you. Once you are clear with your decision, you will overcome your situation. Your past life fear, blockage, are all the manifestation of the water dam you built. It becomes a reflection of who you are.

Do live your life to the fullest, go with your heart’s desire to experience without judging and make the best out of your life in it. Every moment, you are re-writing your karma. You are still in control.
Be at peace, be at peace.”

End of channeled message


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