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Channeled Message -

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin : Love and Peace, 22 Apr 2013

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided by the Creator/Source/God to channel the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin to deliver a message on love and peace.

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin speaks:

"Help people and you will help yourself. Be in the nick of time to help.

This has to be done at your soul’s will, not by instinct or force. It is at soul’s will. Peace will then come to you. I feel that the possession of feelings has been done at different levels. The first is the soul’s level, where true inner peace is felt, and then your physical level and your personal feelings towards that. The Mind goes this way. People who are afraid to love and people who yearn to seek love are grouped into different categories of mind. But not really. They are of the same nature. Both have not attained peace at heart.

My source of feeling for Mankind is that - if you feel love, then that is love. There is no difference in love.
Love is universal and love is unlimited. People have classified love in so many different categories until love is no longer the true feelings of love.

My source of feeling for Mankind is that delusion has overtaken so much love, peace, joy and oneness in you. Peace will not come easy, if you do not feel love. And love will not come if you do not feel peaceful. Inner peace can be inculcated without seeking.

Feel the source within you. It is an ignited flame within you that gives you the power to move forward with glory. It is up to you whether you want to keep up this flame in you or you let it dim down and eventually extinguished. The choice is yours. Nothing and no one can deteriorate your flame. You are responsible for it. You are your own keeper for your own flame. In life, what you are seeking for is always this flame of oneness in peace and love. You will feel that nothing matters anymore when you have this flame in you. Let go of all the pre-judgement from people as well as how you judge people. This may be just a delusion at that point in time. And you will be able to gain the inner peace in you again. Let go of all the unnecessary fears and let love overwhelm you.

Here is a simple meditation for you to gain inner peace, oneness and love within you.
Learn to let go now.
  1. Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable, meditative position.
  2. Tune in to your inner mind of oneness in you.
    Tell yourself: Be at peace, be at peace , be at peace.
  3. You will feel your heartbeat slowing down.
  4. Take a deep breath.
    Release all the tension you have inside you as you exhale the breath.
  5. Place your awareness at your heart chakra and visualise a golden light coming into you. Then breathe in that golden light deeply into your heart chakra. Feel the golden energy vibrating in you.
  6. Clasp both of your hands together in front of your heart chakra as if in a praying position.
  7. Chant this mantra 10 times. (This is to release the inner fear and hatred in us)
    “ Wa La Si Ah Si “
  8. Watch your heart chakra glow brighter and brighter in the golden light.
  9. Start to feel more relieved, and let the feeling of love and peace overwhelm you.
  10. Take a few deep breath, and open your eyes.

End of channeled message


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