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Channeled Message -

Lord Maitreya: Important Message on Solar Flare, 26 Aug 2013

*On 24 August 2013 , I was feeling really tired and thought of sleeping early that night. However, when I was in bed, I could feel intense heat emitting in my body and my heart was pulsating very fast. I felt extremely hot despite sleeping in an air-conditioned room. For the entire night, I couldn’t sleep at all, with the bursting heat in my whole body. It was a very unusual heat which I have never experienced before. I wondered what had happened and thought it was perhaps the effects of the chakra healing I have done for myself earlier. I did not think there was any special message behind this.

The next morning, I received an SMS at 6.40am from a client of mine who had seen me early last year. She recently had a spiritual awakening and is now able to connect to angels and spirit guides. In the SMS, she told me that Jesus, Kuan Yin, Buddha and Isis came to her and guided her in chanting and praying. They were telling her the whole night to come and look for me. There was a very important and urgent message relating to a major solar flare disaster at the end of this month.

I returned her call only at 9.30am and to my surprise, she was already at my neighborhood waiting and looking for me! I have never told her my new address before and she told me that her spirit guides had guided her to where I was to look for me. I felt compelled to meet her immediately. The spirit guides have told her that there will be a solar flare happening at the end of this month and power supply will be disturbed. The sky may turn red. And the western countries will be more affected.

We met up soon after and received guidance by a few spirit guides to conduct a very powerful ceremony. The Galactic Council of Light and Mother Earth were present as well. The ceremony was chaired by Goddess Isis and a powerful initiation was performed. Lord Maitreya has asked us to help Mother Earth to overcome the effect of this solar flare. Later on, I channeled Lord Maitreya again on 26 Aug and below is the message from him:

Lord Maitreya speaks:

"In time to come people have to realise the important of Earth as a grounding place. Fear will not help. Likewise, joy will bring light to Earth.

This year will be a truly memorable year for mankind. The solar flare you read or hear is real. It is an activation of the solar plexus of Earth, which brings flame to Earth. It is like a fire burning in the heart of Earth. Don’t be alarmed by the changes in weather on Earth. It has to come and it will remain as it is. Don’t be afraid to face it. You are not alone. The Almighty God, yourself and the Galactic Council of Light is also here to assist you. Do your part to send light and love to Earth. Mother Earth needs your nourishment and encouragement. Please help by doing this hand sign of a triangle by pressing your 2 index fingers together to form the sides of a triangle, then overlap your thumbs together to form the base of the triangle (refer to picture below).

The triangle is to help to send energy up and raise the vibration of Earth.
Then say the mantra below with love and joy.

‘Sek Kai Ma Mi’

You can say it as many times as you wish to send the vibration of love and joy to Mother Earth.

May you be blessed.”

End of channeled message


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