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Channeled Message -

Mother Mary: Healing, Love and Gratitude, 23 May 2014

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided by the Creator/Source/God to channel Mother Mary to deliver a message on healing, love and gratitude.

Mother Mary speaks:

"Beloved ones, welcome to the motherland of love. In time of changes we faced, negative forces in terms of feelings, emotions will come. It is not by coincidence or choices that you are here today. It is the strong vibration of love that you are emitting inside you that draws you here.

My brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid of negativity. It is an illusion of your mindset that makes you feel that way. When you are stuck and doesn’t know what to do, think of love, immense love surrounding you. It can be your love ones. It can be the source that you are familiar with that brings you feelings of love. When that love meets your soul, you will be uplifted, you will be free, free of worries, fear and all negative emotions holding in you. You gain the inner strength again. Your mind is the source of allowing this portal to come through.
It was blocking you in the past, but if you allow it to reopen again, naturally you do not feel that again.

We all are loved. We all do and can feel love.

Let that love vibration enter you once again and don’t let your mind confuse you. You can tap on to the love consciousness at your own free will. No one can deplete you from doing that. And when love comes through, you will have a deep feeling of gratitude in which nothing matters any more. It is not necessary for you to hold on to the past guilt, the past shame, fear, anger, hatred, sadness, displeasure, regrets and many more negative feelings. You feel free again. The flower inside you blossom again to the glory of joy.
What is real is only love. We are all vibrating in the light of love. You will then see the light again.

Below is a simple meditation for you to get in touch with the feeling of love again.
After which, show gratitude towards yourself for being in the “NOW” of love.
By showing gratitude, it helps to anchor the vibration of love in you more permanently.
  1. Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths and stay grounded.
  2. Have your awareness being placed on your heart chakra (in the middle of your chest).
    Place both of your hands overlapping each other on your chest.
  3. Recite this mantra “Wu Shi Da Shi Da Shi Da, Kon Yi Wa Chi Da”.
    You will instantly feel as if your heart chakra is expanding and the feeling of love, gratitude, being touched, will come naturally to you.
  4. You can visualise white light coming into your body, into your heart chakra, and say
    “I am loved, I am loved”.
  5. Be in the moment and feel the love inside you.
  6. Show gratitude to yourself for being loved.

Feel the wind of love blowing smoothly and
gently on your face. Have silence in your state.
Come back to the oneness of love and feel the peace and glory in you.
May your life be at peace and at bliss."

End of channeled message


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