Channel a Personalised Soul Symbol to Heal & Balance Your Chakras

Soul Rejuvenation
Remove Blockages Recharge Energies

What Is Soul Rejuvenation?

We are all energy beings in physical bodies. While most people are focusing to keep our physical bodies healthy by eating healthily and doing regular exercises, we may still have physical, mental or emotional challenges. Of course, we should still take care of our physical bodies but we should take care of ourselves in a more holistic way.

When you are sick and visit the doctor, the doctor will treat you only on the physical level. But actually every illness or physical symptom is a manifestation of our inner states.

Through a Soul Rejuvenation session, we will help to:
- Remove your Energy Blockages,
- Cut Energetic Chords that no longer serves you,
- Retrieve back all your Soul Fragments,
- Balance your Chakras, and
- Recharge your Energy,
So that you will be whole and complete to emit the light within you

How Can a Soul Rejuvenation Session Help Me?

By working on our energetic bodies, we can help to clear the discordant energies in us, retrieve back our lost energies and allow the light within us to glow again. This then can help to bring out the optimal health physically, mentally and emotionally. It can also aids in the healing process if you are already facing health challenges or feeling stuck .

Cutting of Energetic Chords:
At times, we may be so attached to someone or some places either in current life or past lives, which we might form energetic chords to them, and thus our energy can be affected or drained by them. It is important to cut away these energetic chords and not be affected by them.

Retrieval of Soul Fragments:
Similarly, when we were so affected or attached to someone or some places, our souls may leave some soul fragments with them either in past lives or current life. It is important to reclaim back your soul fragments so that you will feel whole and complete and regain back your own life force energy.

Balancing of Chakras:
Chakras are energy points in the body. There are 7 main energy points located throughout our body, which correlates to specific physical, mental and emotional ailment. When we have emotional or mental issues, it can manifest into a physical weakness in our body. So when we release the stuck energy in the chakras, it helps to heal us emotionally and physically too. When all our chakras are balanced, then we will feel balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

What Can You Expect During The Soul Rejuvenation Session?

We will begin the session by accessing your energy to detect if there are any energy blockages in you and your chakras, lost soul fragments, or energy chords that no longer serve your highest good.

Then we will proceed with the healing session by channelling energy via light language (soul language). We will help to remove any energy blockages, cut off energetic chords that are affecting you, retrieve soul fragments and balance your chakras, allowing your body and soul to be rejuvenated.

Energy exchange: $260 (1hr)

“Really appreciate the healing you have done for me yesterday.
Yesterday's session was immense cleansing to purge most of my past lives karma.

I couldn’t describe how I had a tight heart feeling last time.
I even thought I have heart problem when it's negative entity controlling me.
I was shocked to learn that you can see even my heart.

You truly possess gifts to save lives!
You incorporate all the different healing modalities in one session.

It is my good fortune to meet you. I'm well blessed to be healed by you!!!!
You are truly a gem and save my emotional woes. Could not have thank you more!
I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please continue the good work you have done to save hearts!"

- G.T. (Soul Rejuvenation)

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