Channel a Personalised Soul Symbol to Heal & Balance Your Chakras

Soul Symbols Healing

Are you aware that Symbols have energy?
Do you know that Symbols have healing powers?
Do you know your personalised Soul Symbols?

What Is Soul Symbols Healing?

Soul Symbols are channeled geometric forms individually designed for a specific soul. These symbols are channeled from your Spirit Guides and Akashic Records. Each symbol carries specific energy vibrations for healing and balancing. It works directly with the energy system in your body, helps to
balance your chakras and heals you.

Soul Symbols are powerful tools for connecting with one's energy.
And meditating on the symbol and integrating its energy into your
entire being can help to elevate your consciousness and
raise your vibrations.

The session is non-religious and people from different religions,
backgrounds and races have benefited from it. 

How Can a Channeled Soul Symbol Help Me?

Symbols are encoded with energetic patterns and it connects directly to the energetic body, our higher mind and subconscious mind.

Working with a personalised Soul Symbol can:

1) Help you to clear the stuck energies in you, rebalances your energy and the chakras, and recharge yourself.

2) Help to heal various issues such as depression, anger, fear, anxiety and issues with self worth, self-confidence and dis-empowerment.

3) Help to repel negative energies, or serve as an energy protection.

4) Help to strengthen the connection with your spirit guides and your higher self / higher mind.

What Can You Expect During The Soul Symbols Healing Session?

We will begin the session by finding out your objective, or your desired change / results. Following that, your Akashic Records will be opened, to retrieve your soul information. We will then run an energy scan on your body to check if there are any existing energy blockages. At times, channeled messages or advices may also be given to you.

A sketch of the Soul Symbol that best resonate with you will be channeled and activated during the session. This Soul Symbol is unique to every individual.

Channeled instructions will be given to you on how to use your Soul Symbol. A short practice session will also be provided at the end of the session, on how to use your symbol correctly.

Energy exchange: $240 (1hr)

“Hello Wendy, I just like to say a big thank you.
After my session yesterday with you, I feel myself feeling a lot less frustrated.
Speaking to my Daughter also a lot more calm. Thank you so so much.
There is always so much more positive energy after a session with you.
I thank God that I got to know you."

- Rachel (Soul Symbol Channeling)*


""Hi Wendy, my filming in Europe went really great.
I think the symbol you gave me is working wonders for me.
Just dropping you this message to thank you for giving me such great guidance. :) "

- E.L. (Channeled Guidance, Soul Symbols Channeling)*


"I was 'guided' to Wendy by pure chance (as if I was directed) - I had an issue
(tightness in the chest/stomach area but it is not a medical issue!)
and I was looking for answers. When I first contacted her for an appointment for
energy healing on 29 May through e mail, she was very prompt to reply.

I finally met her on 6 June and I must say I am very impressed with the therapy centre, very conducive, very bright and airy, very peaceful and very clean.

As for Wendy, I will say she is very kind and very sincere to want to help me.
More importantly, Wendy does not indicate that I have to return for a follow up session,
she let me decide if I should. And she also follows up with me on the progress.

I recommend to anyone reading my testimonial to give Wendy a try.
Go with an open mind and see wonders for yourself.

By the way, for those interested in the Soul Symbol Channeling,
I also recommend that you go for it. Since getting my own personalized Symbol,
I have printed it on T-shirts and have worn them for my exercises and meditation.
Since then, the area (lower chest and upper stomach) covered by my Symbol has been very comfortable and I now have very deep and full breath
(I used to have bloated tummy which pushes up to my chest area
which causes my chest to be tight).

Thank you."

- Tai Lim (Energy Healing, Soul Symbols Channeling)*


" Hi Wendy, just want to let you know I am feeling much better today.
Last few days was tough... Still a lot of residual emotions I think.
But since I started connecting with the spirit guides and using the symbol,
I feel so much relief and the emotional pain is gone. Thank you."

- E.C. (Energy Healing, Soul Symbols Channeling)

* Individual results may vary.


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