Channeled Message -

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin: Cleansing and Manifestation for 2019 (with energy activation),
16 Jan 2019

Happy New year! It has been a long while since I sent out channeled messages. Some of you may know that the past one and a half year had been a time of healing and transformation for me physically and energetically, and I am still embracing this shift. Some of you may be like me embracing some shift in life, or maybe looking for some shift or maybe just wish life to be even smoother and better.

We have reached 2019 and ready to usher in the Year of Pig. I would like all of you to welcome the year and embrace it with abundance, love, peace, joy, good health and happiness. To prepare the year, I would like to share 2 energy activations which I channeled from Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. One is to cleanse, remove all the negative energies, old belief system which no longer serve us. Then we can start the year afresh like a piece of clean paper. Second is to manifest what you want in your life for the year.

For the first energy activation (energy cleansing), if you are sensitive to energies, you may experience physical reaction such as skin rashes, slight headache, diarrhoea which is very normal. It is showing that there is releases in your body, and please drink more water.

Below is the channeled message and activation from Kuan Yin. I wish you well and have a blessed year ahead!
Love and light to all!

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided to channel Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin
to deliver a message on Cleansing and Manifestation for the New Year.

Kuan Yin speaks:

"Welcome all to this temple of love. A time for you to let go of the past, baggage you have hold on so far. Negative energies you have invoked on yourself or by others. They are toxic for you. You do not want to keep them anymore. You may not even know they are harming you, like parasites feeding on your energy and affecting you negatively.

I have an energy activation here to help you cleanse your energy auric field and energies that no longer serve you. Do also set intent on what you want to let go for year 2019.

Here’s the energy activation to remove negative energies and auric cleansing:
Energy Activation 1:

After you have listened to the first activation and feel that you have let go all that no longer serve you,
you are ready to manifest what you want.

Here is the energy activation to manifest and anchor what you want for the year:
Energy Activation 2:

Many blessings and love to all!

End of channeled message

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