Channeled Message -

Master Thoth: Cleansing, Purification and Manifestation for the New Year, 7 Jan 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a good start for the new year.

Lately, I have this thought of opening my own Akashic Record to see what message I should channel for everyone for the new year. I was then being guided to channel Master Thoth (the Egyptian God of Wisdom) to give the following message. I hope this is beneficial to you.

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided to channel Master Thoth
to deliver a message on Cleansing, Purification and Manifestation for the New Year.

Master Thoth speaks:

"Welcome everyone to this new year of life. I am Thoth speaking.

Aeons of lives and times ago, human beings have already been suffering physically, emotionally and energetically. These energies could have passed down from generations, ancestors, or your own karma.

Fear not. It is a good beginning to have a good “clean” start to purify and cleanse our bodies for a fresh new year. Then, manifestation can be done more effectively.

Here are the steps to Purify and Cleanse your body, followed by steps to Manifest what you want for the new year. (Please practice this process before 15 Jan 2016, in order to benefit the most out of the manifestation energy)

Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breath and repeat this 3 times - “Hasula, Hasula, Siyala”

At this point, you may already start to feel some discharge of blocked energy from your body.
For some people, you may feel some sensation from the throat, or from the ear or from the heart etc.

When that happen, continue to say the mantra “Hasula, Hasula, Siyala” in multiples of 3, till the sensation settle down. This is the first step to cleanse your body.

Then imagine a ball of golden light descending down to the crown of your head. Imagine your crown chakra opening up, as you receive this light (for some people, they may feel light headed or a bit floaty, but that is fine). Then imagine or feel that this light gets brighter and expands and glow. Allow this light to travel down to each and every part of your body slowly to purify your body. And imagine each part of your body illuminates up. This is to purify your body.

Now, focus on your heart chakra (in the middle of your chest) to think of what you want from your heart, then verbalise it out. What you want to manifest should be as specific as possible. After that, focus on your 3rd eye chakra (the point between both eyebrows on your forehead), and imagine or visualise what you want to take place. Instill good feelings to it and trust that you are living in the consciousness of it.

With this, I wish you well for the year to come.
A year of good health, abundance, joy and love.

End of channeled message

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